Who are The Pressure Washing Guys?

  • The Pressure Washing Guys is a local, family owned and operated power washing company providing quality commercial and residential service throughout Orange County.
  • Our power washing rigs are all fully equipped with professional, commercial grade equipment with Hot water capabilities and adjustable pressure to ensure we have the right pressure for the job. We believe that one size does not fit all!
  • The same pressure and heat settings should not be used for all surfaces as some surfaces are more delicate than others, and we are fully trained to recognize the subtle differences.

The Pressure Washing Guys offer several services for both residential and commercial customers. Our service area is Orange County, CA. If you require service outside our local area give us a call, we will try to accommodate. Our equipment is capable of low-pressure for soft washing delicate exteriors such as stucco, vinyl siding and powerful enough when raising the pressure to cut through thick grease and grime on concrete. Our equipment also has hot water capabilities for melting gum and for treating oil stains on driveways. My Team is highly trained with years of experience. Call us with any questions we are more than happy to help. Please note that not all pressure cleaning services offered are on the website.